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Jeff Crawford

Relationship Counseling and Coaching

Are you feeling frustrated or less connected in an important relationship?

Are you fighting more or having the same fight again and again?

Have you been thinking of all the things that your spouse or partner should change to make things better in your relationship?

Have you struggled to maintain a relationship or been involved in more than one "dysfunctional" relationship and wonder "why me"?

Would You Like To

  • Feel that connection with your spouse or partner again?
  • Be heard and understood, as well as hear and understand?
  • Feel trust and confidence in yourself, your partner and your relationship?
  • Change the "dysfunctional" relationship cycle and build a healthy relationship?
  • Bring back the time when you first met?
  • Feel everything is great with you, your partner and your relationship?

There are reasons for the love that you felt and also reasons why you aren’t feeling it so much recently. For one, in the beginning, you both spent a lot of time talking and really listening to each other. You wanted to know everything about each other and be really close. You spent time thinking about what might make each other happy and trying to make it happen.

Relationship counseling is the process of creating the relationship you really want. As your coach, I work with you to do three things:

  • Identify your ideas for the problems you want to change and the relationship results you want.
  • Support you and your spouse or partner in speaking out and being heard.
  • Support you and your partner to learn the tools and skills to create the loving relationship that you both want.


To get started creating the life you want for yourself!